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I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to Christine Vlahos, Tappan Physical Therapy, for administering therapy after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip. Christine is very professional, explaining and demonstrating exercises and encouraging my progress over several months. She also explained my condition in simple terms and provided lots of useful advice in preparation for my total hip replacement surgery. My successful surgery and rapid recovery were due in large part to the physical therapy I received from Christine.

I couldn't have done it without you Christine... thanks again for everything!!!

James D. Orangetown, NY

I started seeing Christine Vlahos when I reinjured my hip. I had a lot of tightness all around the hip area. I couldn't exercise like I used to before but after several months of working with Christine I got my range of motion back and was able to get back into regular exercise again. The part that has really helped me is her hands on work. She excels in this area being one of the few physical therapists who know how to do it effectively. I've seen several therapists in the past so I have many to compare to. She always pinpointed the exact spot that needed releasing, which always gave me relief.

Bonnie from Rockland County, NY

Dear Christine,

Thank you so very much for starting me on this journey. You are kind, wise, gentle and have magic hands! All the very best to you.

Max W. New York, NY

Christine was very professional. She listened to me and took her time to really understand, educate and properly diagnose my condition. I am happy with her care and look forward to continuing my care with her.

Henry C. Bergen County, NJ

Thank you, Christine for getting me back to my normal life. I had chronic lower back pain for the past 4-5 years, which was progressively deteriorating over time. At the peak of it, I was unable to sit for even 15 minutes. Christine was able to identify the root cause and was able to treat it with various hands on techniques. Now I can sit for hours without much discomfort. I strongly recommend Christine and Tappan Physical Therapy.

Joseph P. Bergen County, NJ

I was having ongoing bladder/urination frequency (about every 30-50 minutes), urgency, and pelvic pain, as well as pain during intercourse for over a year. I felt like it would never get better. Christine was extremely thorough during her initial evaluation and took her time to really get to know me and my body. She explained how certain areas of my body could be impacting my pelvis and how all of the body is a system that is connected. She made me feel very comfortable and gave me hope that PT could heal my root issues rather than just mask symptoms. She taught me how to complete exercises on myself and made me feel empowered. Now, almost two months later, I feel so much happier with myself and my body. Frequency, urgency have decreased and pain with intercourse from tight pelvic muscles has decreased substantially. I have learned tools that I can use to feel better and fell like I have control to do so. My posture and muscle tension throughout my body have also improved and I have more awareness of where I hold tension in my body. I am so grateful to have met and worked with Christine!

Sara Rockland County, NY

Dear Christine – When I first came to see you I was in pretty bad shape. My right hip felt terrible, my right knee hurt a lot. I was very weak, especially in my legs. I thought I would never again be able to use the bicycle. I never thought I could walk without my walker, etc. The last ten months have never been easy. However, you had this incredible demeanor which gave me confidence and changed my attitude from “I am stuck like this for life” to “I really trust this physical therapist. She is always a true professional who will get me better if anyone can.” Your array of exercises never just focused on the hip but the ancillary muscles which would help the pain in the hip and knee go away. It was an amazing process. Your working with me for a full 60 minutes vs 6-8 minutes in other outfits was miraculous. Thank you so very much for patiently working with me so that now I have much more confidence and mobility. Christine, please never leave the physical therapy profession. A great physical therapist is hard to find. Sufferers need your skills. I believe that it was not just an accident that I got so much better. Again, thank you for everything. I hope I will never need your skills again. But if I do I know where I can get the best physical therapist. Thank you very much.

Richard W. New York, NY